Sunday, June 13, 2021

Things I noticed this week (13 June 2021)

Joshua Corey on the enduring appeal of Jim Rockford

Judge slams Michael Gove’s office as openDemocracy wins transparency court case

Massachusetts launches ‘Vax Express’ — a rolling vaccination train that targets hard-hit communities

Shell and Hitler

Keep an eye on what’s happening in the red states

Lake Mead: largest US reservoir drops to record low

Renzo Martens: From 'Enjoy Poverty' to 'White Cube'

Lasagna in an Emilian Michelin restaurant with Massimo Spigaroli - Antica Corte Pallavicina*

Sunday, June 06, 2021

Things I noticed this week (5th June 2021)

18 million trees to be planted around Glasgow

The southwest US’s climate peril

California assault weapon ban overturned, with an eye to the Supreme Court

Tove Jansson, the island of Klovharun, and Walthamstow

Turbot with lobster béarnaise sauce

Inside one of the last bohemian homes at the Chelsea Hotel

60s and 70s Japanese instrumental Cinema Funk beats and breaks

Grupo Medusa: Grupo Medusa (1981)

The organist goes off the traditional path

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Things I noticed this week (16 May 2021)

The Rise and Fall of America’s Malls

Bunzl: yet another lobbying scandal

‘We won’t be bouncing back’ – the unsettling truth about the big reopening

Trading up: one woman’s quest to swap a hairpin for a house

Scotland: a future outside of the United Kingdom? DW Documentary

Greensill: a tale of hubris, hype and greed | FT Film

The secret of Dave’s success

Dark Money Group Brags About Writing GOP Voter Suppression Bills Across the Country

Reading Edmund Burke

'Shocking and Horrifying': Israel destroys AP office in Gaza

Ful Medames - Fava Beans three delicious ways

Shinichi Atobe - Butterfly Effect (Full Album)

Saturday, May 08, 2021

Things I noticed this week (8th May 2021)

A prisoner’s perspective

Gunboats at the ready

The complexities of being heard in Kashmir

Seven takeaways from Michel Barnier’s Brexit book

Origins of Covid - following the clues

What You Should Know About Yair Lapid, The Man Just Tasked With Trying to Replace Netanyahu

500 Windrush victims waiting over a year for compensation

BBC obituary programme for Harold Wilson, 1995

Ken Clarke in conversation with Peter Mandelson

Talking Heads on the South Bank Show (1979)

Red beans and rice - southern U.S. style

Peter Cook’s biased judge sketch

Belgian farmer accidentally moves French border

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Things I noticed this week (24 April 2021)

The people are not an image: a conversation on vernacular video

Japan scraps mascot promoting Fukushima wastewater dump

Covid deniers’ event leaves host dead, 12 infected

Survey on the impact of the pandemic on the cultural learning workforce

40% fall in EU applications to study in the UK

Kimberly Chong – Management consulting, the UK’s pandemic response, and the ethical basis of expertise

RCA Vice-Chancellors’ Talk: Peter Gabriel

Oxford malaria vaccine proves highly effective in Burkina Faso trial

International launch of the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Educators and Learners

Voting with their money: Brexit and outward investment by UK firms

Count Binface: Hip to be Mayor

Niklas Ekstedt's roast chicken with yogurt & salad

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Things I noticed this week (17 April 2021)

The U.S.-Mexico border is not a line on the ground, but a network diagram drawn through bodies and databases.

Dodgy Dave - Cameron and the Greensill Scandal

Who is Lex Greensill?

My Brothe: an email funk opera

Donald Trump is drowning in criminal investigations and legally screwed

Facebook pledged to suspend political donations, then quietly funneled $50,000 to GOP group pushing voter suppression laws

‘State Fair’ lemonade