Saturday, September 06, 2008

After a hiatus

It's been a busy and tumultuous summer, and this blog has been very quiet. However, it's back. A roundup of some recent news from the generalpraxis stable:

Graham has a new job, as a Reader in the School of Media, Languages and Music at the University of the West of Scotland. That means that the freelance side of his work is likely to abate for quite a while but he'll keep updating this blog with useful snippets of information and occasional posts.

The report The Arts and Community Radio, which Graham did a lot of work on back in 2006 has now been published. You can download it here.

There's a new academic journal focussing on participatory and 'community' arts - which Graham is on the editorial board of - The Journal of Arts and Communities.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Graham

Glad to see your life has settled into Scotland; (to a certain extent I expect) but at least not so much dashing!
I am a survivor of the Designing 21st Century and all things regeneration at the moment. Having just finished as director of Borderdance (dance agency for Shropshire) I am considering submitting some work for Deleuze Community Manchester Met and working on a piece for Akbank Art Centre in Istanbul...

I was interested in the Journal and submissions etc. as I am in the process of creating research papers that have an element of practice but not case studies and feel rather than submit something that would fail! I might get some steer from you about how to go about this?

If this is nonsense then let me know!

All the best Jan

Jan Overfield