Saturday, September 17, 2005

airline of the moment

the future (at least until the oil runs out, and the apocalypse hits) is small aircraft...much simpler, much quicker.

if the trains ran faster then there would be no need to fly...but having spent 5 and a half hours yesterday trying to get from manchester to glasgow by train, one can see the attraction...

furniture retailer of the moment

music of the moment

autobahn, (side a of the LP only, side b is just too cheesy) by Kraftwerk - played very quietly it becomes almost ambient

Sugarcubes albums and 12inches played very loud

Kenneth Leighton's sacred choral music

The milk-eyed mender by Joanna Newsom (a favourite of our 7 year old daughter, but suitable for grown-ups too)

Mpho Skeef's new EP

books of the moment

Visions of the City, by David Pinder

Educating the Reflective Practitioner, by Donald Schon

Massive Change: a manifesto for the future design culture by Bruce Mau and the Institute without Boundaries