Friday, March 31, 2006

Quick roundup of recent work

Graham has finished work on the section on leadership, initial teacher training and CPD for the 'Roberts Review' of creativity and schools commissioned by the DFES and the DCMS, which he wrote jointly with Pat Cochrane of CAPE UK. Also with CAPE UK, he's working on the evaluation of their segment of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation's Musical Futures project.

The Teacher-Artist Partnership (TAP) programme has come to the end of it's first year of operation - the next cohort, which will double in size, will begin in September 2006.

For NESTA Graham is working with Lister Community School in Newham who are developing a large scale digital media learning project with all of their year 8 students.

The FORTE European youth arts research project is coming to a close, with a conference scheduled in Barcelona in June. More information to follow.