Saturday, January 30, 2021

Things I noticed this week (w/e 30th January)

The ‘Roaring Kitty’ Rally: How a Reddit User and His Friends Roiled the Markets

An Odd Lots podcast from Bloomberg on the Gamestop/Reddit saga

UK offices and malls are emptying at the fastest pace in years

The world is witnessing the greatest rise in inequality on record

Muslim prayer apps selling location data to US - military linked company X-mode

'I made a mistake voting for Brexit' says business owner as stock sits waiting to leave warehouse

The House of Commons petitions committee is looking for the views of touring professionals about the post-brexit visa and customs regime. Closing date: 6 Feb

How Apple’s proposed privacy changes are going to hit Facebook hard

Covid: Argentina imposes new tax on wealthiest

A great red wine for just over 11 quid:

An excellent hot and sour soup recipe