Monday, December 20, 2021

Things I noticed this week (20 Dec 2021):

Why Championship Chess Sets are So Expensive

'A trash heap for our children': How Norilsk became of the most polluted places on Earth

'Back to the bad old days': swingeing rail cuts set alarm bells ringing

Treasury Shelves £30bln Plan to Electrify UK Railways

Climate Change has destabilized the Earth's Poles, putting the rest of the planet in peril

The Least Used Paris Metro Station

He Voted to Impeach. Can He Survive in the G.O.P.? 

Who's watching? How governments used the pandemic to normalise surveillance

Peter Thiel's 'Free Speech for Race Science' Crusade at Cambridge University Revealed

Despite the Focus on Russell Group Institutions as drivers of social mobility, it is actually universities outside this group that are contributing most to social mobility

All That Sugar: The West India Docks

UbuWeb Sound: Sound Sculptures (1985)

Soft Machine: Moon in June (Bilzen Festival, Aug 22 1969)

Mozart: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 17, live from Teatro La Fenice

Chicken Madras being cooked at Bhaji Fresh, Warrington