Saturday, April 29, 2006

The tyranny of the written word in policy discussions...

Unaccustomed and resistant to the written word as she is, Jackie has not been that willing to participate in this blog . However, she has been moved to make an entry via the written medium to make a stand against those who use the written medium and wield power with it to remind them that "in the beginning was the word." This, in her interpretation, was not the written word and belongs to the realm of felt sense and story-telling. After this came image, and then the written word including invented spelling and weird punctuation. She would like to ask why is it that the written word is required more often than not when attempting to change policy? Why is it that story-telling and visual imagery are not regarded with as much esteem when it comes to providing evidence for change?

Oral traditions, image making and music are just as valid methods for presenting a case and can be more beautiful, seductive and pervasive, unless the policy is written as poetry!