Saturday, December 11, 2021

Things I noticed this week (11th Dec 2021)

Winter cab view from two of the most scenic railways in the world

Jonathan Karl: Betrayal with Peter Baker

Counting the neurological cost of COVID-19

Hackers are Spamming Businesses' Receipt Printers with 'Antiwork' Manifestos

Seven Egyptian Breakfast Dishes

Hold the tree planting: Protect ecosystems first for maximum carbon storage, study says

Reliving the New York Subway Map Debate

'Listening to Kenny G' is an Ironic Masterpiece

Glasgow's High Rise Flat Baggers

Monty meets Sly & Robbie: People Make the World Go Round

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Things I noticed this week (5th Dec 2021)

Ralph Humphrey/Chester Thompson - Zappa's More Trouble Every Day Drum Groove Analysis:

Tehran 2021: Autumn Walk in Mellat Park

Coffee or Chai? At 2 Kolkata Cafes, ‘Adda’ Is What’s Really on the Menu

Who can still afford to live in the city?

QAnon Hero Michael Flynn Secretly Said QAnon is 'Total Nonsense'

Howard Jones: Hide and Seek, Live at Siyan

The endless woes of Ferguson Marine

A stroll along the Dollis Valley Greenwalk

Jonathan Pie at COP 26: The World's End

Cooking Campfire Pizza on the Sadj Grill