Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Film news

A few bits of news about some of the films with music composed by Graham:

The Seafront: Mark and Effraim just won second prize in Current TV's UK launch competition, in the section on 'people'. Good. The film deserves a wider audience - it's a sensitive and rather beautifully shot set of portraits of people who make use of the seafront at Portsmouth.

Kerry Mcleod's "For all the Tea in England" was screened as part of the Rushes Soho Shorts festival at the end of July. You can also watch the film online on ITV's London local life channel.

The Documentary Filmakers Group held a London screening of "For all the Tea in England" and "The Seafront" in June.

Azan: a call to prayer is still doing the rounds: most recently screened in the 'solar cinema' as part of the Camden Film Festival in June, and also at the Young European Film Forum in France in April.